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“Las Vegas is the type of place that encourages you to let go. The entire atmosphere is built around the idea of relaxing and enjoying yourself. There’s no time for negativity. It doesn’t even exist here.”

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Las Vegas is the gambling and entertainment capital of the United States, which basically makes it an adult playground! There’s a reason it’s called Sin City and with a motto like What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, you know what to expect when you show up here. When you get off the plane, it just feels a little different. Everyone greets you with a smile and the worries of where you were, seem to be put on hold. What started out as a small town in the Mojave Desert has grown into something special. These days the city is bigger and better than ever and continues to draw in millions of visitors every year.

Las Vegas is widely considered to be The Entertainment Capital of the World. It’s a title that is technically unofficial, but one the city proudly boasts about anyways. The Strip, what everyone thinks of when they think of Vegas, is home to the biggest hotels and casinos in the city. One of the things that set the hotels in Vegas apart from almost all other places is the themes. You can experience Italy at The Venetian, Paris at Paris Las Vegas, Rome at Caesars Palace and more. It’s where you’ll be able to see world class shows and performances, gamble at limits that will make you shudder, and see amazing live sporting events. This is where the magic happens.

There’s always something going on. It doesn’t matter if you plan your trip around an event, or just show up. Las Vegas never disappoints.

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